Around this time last year, I painted a teacup with Vincent van Gogh’s¬†Starry Night on the Rhone.

Kind of miss the smell of bisque and colour glaze. :P

Sherlock teacup - complete. Doctor Who teapot - NEEEEEAAAAARRRRRLYYYYYY

I’ve been staying up into the wee hours for a few nights, but my hand-painted BBC-themed tea set is ALMOST DONE. :3

I still have to paint mini!River and Rory onto the teapot lid, and then it’ll be entering a sort of ‘post-production’ - glazing and firing. Cannot. Bloody. Wait.

Despite it being my first time working with glazes, I am so damn proud of the Sherlock silhouettes and the 221B stuff on the teacup, plus the TARDIS and the Dalek and the van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ background on the pot… It’s been super fun. ^^

Photos in two days’ time, before I go get it fired.

12:22am last night

I wanted to keep painting the orange Scientist Dalek onto my Doctor Who teapot. My body clock denied me.

I went to sleep, only to be hit by three separate nightmares. My subconscious seems to hate me and hate the world. Arse. :P

The plus side, I finished painting the TARDIS and the silver fob watch pattern - that thing was torture. XD

Maybe photos later today if I finish the teapot. The Sherlock teacup’s been repainted a nice shade of pink. :D